The Conundrum of Witchlight Vale

Building of the Campaign / General Guidelines

The first post and planning stage.

This campaign is currently in the planning stage and will be continued to be worked on. Characters are still being polished by the players, and we hope to have a session soon.

My plan is to have a fairly difficult campaign to start – thus why every character starts out with a certain amount of Reputation that they were able to build magic items with before they started. They were also given a free magic item by me that was generated by rolling 3 d 20.

Magic items that are built before starting the game will be created by the players. Against the general rules of Fantasy Craft, I will allow more and one Essence and more than one Charm to be combined into one item. This is just a personal preference.

They were also given an above average amount of feats to begin with.

Every character starts at level two, with the ability to choose whether they wanted to begin multi classing. In the future, if a character wishes to gain another class, they must first meet and ask a character/npc in the world with the class that they wish to multiclass, and that character must agree to teach them before they are able to gain that class.

If a character is looking to gain a certain class, but do not know anyone with that class, they can actively search for them. They may spend reputation/silver in order to get clues or hints to where a certain person may be.


Elibel Elibel

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