Slice and Dice

Gloves made from the finest leathers and stained with blood.


Lightweight gloves that have been worn by those who relish the excitement of close-quarters assassinations. They seem to have a mind of their own, craving the blood of more victims.

Slice and Dice

Current Owner: Eleanor Melandre-Groff

Item Level: 20
Type: Gloves
Slot: Hands/Armour
Material: Red Superior Rabbit Leather
Cost: 24 Rep
Weight: 1/2 Pound

Slice and Dice possess the ability to be activated once per day to use the spell Brawn IV, which activates immediately upon tightening of the wearer’s grip on a Edged weapon. When activated, the gloves emit a faint red glow. The act of tightening one’s grip on the weapon must be declared to the GM before the spell will take effect, otherwise it does not count as activated. This effect lasts up to the level of the item, not the level of the caster. The item level may be increased by using Craft: Magic Item, however there will always be a 30% or more chance no matter the skill of the crafter that the level increase will fail and the item will be destroyed.

Brawn IV
Level: 8
Casting Time: 1 Full Action
Distance: Personal or Touch
Duration: 1 minute per Casting Level (dismissible)
Effect: The character gains a +9 magic bonus to your choice of Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution.

The gloves also passively grant a +2 Threat Range to Edged weapons only. There is no action that needs to be made in order to have this bonus – the only requirement is that you must be holding and Edged weapon. If the character is holding a weapon other than an edged weapon, the suffer 1d3 Stress damage per turn, as the gloves will begin to slowly tighten around the owner’s hands, making their insatiable blood-lust known to the wearer. They do not tighten if the owner is not holding a weapon.


Legends say that there are a pair of gloves so drenched in death and despair that they formed a mind of their own – always crying out for the blood of their next victim. This blood-lust has been told to cause the gloves to go into a frenzy, emitting a evil red light said to be caused by the souls trapped inside the gloves screaming for revenge and death.

This power lent by the souls of such terrible persons is where they say the true power lies. The power to stab through solid stone, the power to disarm opponents before they even have a chance to react, the power to withstand wounds that would kill even some of the most powerful men.

The Gloves are considered to be one of the coveted items of The Order, although there is no concrete proof of it’s original owner being the group of assassins.

The current owner of the gloves, Eleanor, gave the gloves the name: Slice and Dice.

Slice and Dice

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