Slayer's Burden

A small pouch carrying many dangerous things.


A small dark leather pouch with an ornate gold thread embroidered pattern on the frontal flap, depicting a twisted dagger among rose thorns.

Slayer’s Burden

Current Owner: Eleanor Melandre-Groff

Item Level: 11
Type: Small Pouch
Slot: Belt / Handheld
Material: Exquisite Snake Leather, Gold Thread
Cost: 6 Rep
Weight: Weightless

When used, the pouch allows up to five items of varying sizes to be placed inside. When placed inside the pouch, these items become weightless, and cannot be used while inside the pouch. Items much first be removed from the pouch in order to be equipped (taking a half-turn to open, and a half-turn to remove the item). This time may be shortened either by feats, or by taking a die chance to reduce the time by half. The chance to pull out the correct item depends on how many items are in the pouch at the time. If the pouch is full, a d10 must be rolled to determine if the correct item has been pulled. If not, the item must be returned or dropped before another attempt can be made.

Upon hitting the wearer with malicious intent, the attacker with suffer 1d6 Stress damage on contact. If the attacker becomes shocked or stunned by this action, a free action may be used against them.


Hushed whispers speak of a Order of Assassins who used to rule the underworld of Slobell Cay before the Great Divide separated the island from the continent hundreds of years ago. The Order lost it’s name many generations ago, yet it’s dark history still rises to the light of day once in a while.

Slayer’s Burden is considered to be one of the coveted items of The Order, although there is no concrete proof of it’s original owner being the group of assassins.

When the item has been spotted, it is within the shadows in alleyways, hidden under the dark cloaks of those who have no regard for the value of human life other than it’s value in silver.

Slayer's Burden

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