A superior drake forged dagger with intricate detail.


The dagger is shaped like a dragon in flight – the hilt it that of a dragon with it’s wings spread wide. The entire dagger is made from a finely-polished alabaster steel, said to have originally been forged by one of the mightiest Drake blacksmiths in the days of old.


Current Owner: Eleanor Melandre-Groff

Item Level: 20
Type: Dagger
Slot: Hand
Material: Black Steel (Black Tamahagane)
Cost: 40 Rep
Weight: 1 ½ Pounds

Silence aids it’s owner in becoming more adept along the path of the assassin, giving them the abilities of the next level. If you have already mastered the art of being an assassin, you will receive no bonuses. If you do not have a level in assassin, this enhancement will have no effect for you. You do not get any of the other benefits for the level bonus. This includes skill points, vitality, base attack bonus, save bonuses, or any other bonuses.

Not only does the dagger make you naturally stronger as an assassin, it also grants a +2 Damage Bonus when the dagger is used. This bonus only applies to Silence, and will not be granted to any other weapon.

Silence makes no noise when it is taken from it’s sheath.

When rolling for an attack, if the user succeeds and rolls a critical threat, Silence seemly takes the voice of it’s victim away, preventing them from using any vocal ability.


Nothing matched the sheer terror of sight a dragon, it’s wings effortlessly gliding down, it’s fiery breath bringing death in it’s wake. If you were particularly astute, you may see the shadow of the beast as it glides down from the sky. The beat of its wings seem to make no noise at all – as to not let its prey know of its future death.

Silence of the enemy – the hunting of the prey – these primordial beasts haunted the land below.

Hushed whispers talked of those who had learned their harsh language, and would attempt to speak with them. According to the stories, many of them ended in early graves – as it is unwise to try to strike a deal with those who care nothing of your kind (and could swallow you whole if you angered them).

One of those linguists was said to have befriended a few of the drakes – and that was how the dagger, Silence, was created, bestowed to those who had earned the trust of the dragons – and, by affiliation – became the enemy of mankind.


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