The Conundrum of Witchlight Vale

Mini Adventure 1
Invitations and Uninvited Guests
  • Early Spring – March 27th – 1204 AGD

Three months have past after the events concerning the Duke.

Early in the morning of the 27th of March, Autumn receives a letter. Inside is a request for a job from the Thieves Guild in Krose. A Magister is unhappy with the outcome of a bargain that was made with Archduke Phillip of Velpost, concerning the Royal Titans’ Amulet. The Magister, feeling cheated, contacted the Thieves Guild in an effort to recover the amulet. Having no guildhouse in Velpost, the Thieves Guild sent a request.

Autumn, happy to be noticed by the Thieves Guild, decides to take the job. She hurries off to the market to find information on the location of her shady friend from her last adventure, Eleanor.

She chats with a Spice merchant in the market square who tells her the location of the Windrip Flower Shop, where Eleanor resides. Autumn thanks the man, buys some cinnamon for making pie later, and continues on her way to the flower shop.

There, she is visually assaulted by the absurdly-coloured building, a mixture bright pink, green, blue and purple.

She asks the workers inside the shop for where Eleanor is, and they tell her that Eleanor lives in the apartment upstairs.

Autumn knocks on the door to the apartment, and Eleanor greets her with a smile. Autumn tells her that she must come inside to talk about some business, and Eleanor invites her in.

There Autumn tells Eleanor about a job she was requested to do by the Thieves Guild, and that if Eleanor were to help her, she would split the earnings with her. Eleanor agrees to the deal, and they head out to find more information on the Archduke.

As they head towards the Archduke’s place of business, essentially a bank and moneylending service, they come across a mob in the town square, where a man is being hung up for display after being caught eating the flesh of a human being inside a house close to the market.

Autumn and Eleanor hurry on, trying to find more information, but unfortunately, the only thing anyone seems to be talking about is what happened in the town square.

Once they reached the Archduke’s business, Eleanor scouted the surroundings of the store while Autumn flew up to the windows to get a view inside. After a few of the windows were scouted, Autumn was spotted by the twins in the dining room of the Archduke’s house, where they proceeded to yell for their father.

Autumn and Eleanor quickly fled the scene and returned to Autumn’s Cottage. Deciding to wait until night, the two made pie for the rest of the day.

Once dark, the two returned to the Archduke’s place, only to find that there is a party going on. Using the dresses that Eleanor had recovered from the last adventure, the two donned disguises and attempted to make their way into the party.

There, they were greeted by an elderly woman who mistook Eleanor for her great granddaughter and Autumn for Eleanor’s maid, whom she had no seen in 10 years. She asked why Eleanor wasn’t speaking – and Autumn quickly told her that she had caught an illness and that her throat was to rough to speak – but that she did not want to miss the party.

The Elderly woman, delighted by the family around her, brushed it off, and continued on with the party.

Eleanor and Autumn entered and went upstairs, where Eleanor sat at the Dinner Table and listened while the family rambled on about the past. After a while, Eleanor waved her hand and dismissed Autumn from the room – where she was free to leave the building – only to return through one of the locked windows in the Archduke’s room.

After a quick search of the room, Autumn was unable to find the amulet. As she was attempting to leave, the door opened and the Archduke walked in, so she hid under the bed.

He sat at the desk for a few minutes, writing something down, and then returned to the party.

However, a few moments after he left, one of the twins came into the room and started ruffling through his belongings in the desk, which alerted the Archduke and one of the guards posted in the hallway.

The boy was escorted back to his room after being yelled at.

The Archduke paced for a few minutes, then cleaned up the desk and started writing again.

A few hours past, and it was almost morning.

Feeling she could probably slip out now, Autumn came out from under the bed. As she was making her way to the window, she noticed that the archduke was wearing the amulet. She broke the chain of the amulet, and made her way to the window.

As she was doing so the door was opened by the other twin, who promptly began shouting that there was a person with fairy wings in the window.

Autumn dove out unnoticed by the Archduke, and stayed only long enough to hear the sounds of the son being beaten by his father.

She hid the amulet in her clothing and went in search of Eleanor, who she found in one of the rooms downstairs enjoying an array of sweets (which Eleanor shoved into her bag as she left).

The two returned to Autumn’s residence as they tried to figure out how to get the amulet back to the Thieves Guild in Krose. As they were doing so, Eleanor noticed someone running quickly by the window.

Suspicious because there were no other buildings in the area, Eleanor and Autumn set up an ambush by waiting in the rafters above the door.

Someone began knocking at the door, and Autumn answered.

It was the mailman, who had earlier gave Autumn the letter, asking nervously whether or not she had read the letter yet. Autumn replied that she did, and the mailman became increasingly nervous.

Out of the corner of her eye, Autumn noticed someone waiting around the corner of her house, and someone scaling the wall.

The mailman made a break for it and ran away, dodging a few bolts that had been fired from a crossbow onto of the roof.

Autumn closed the door and returned to her position in the ambush.

A few moments later there was a sawing noise coming from the roof, and a large rock was thrown in through the window.

Not noticing that someone had already come in through the hole in the roof, Eleanor was knocked off the rafters and onto the dining table below, breaking it.

The other black-cloaked assailant entered through the window, who Autumn was able to catch off guard.

Mid way through the fight, two red cloaked people slid in through the opening in the roof. Before they were able to do anything, Autumn froze their feet in place and they were unable to move.

The fight continued, and eventually the two red-cloaks were killed, one killed on the ground and the other stuck to the wall with a bolt through his chest, and the two black-cloaks being knocked out.

Autumn tied up the two black-cloaks and clean up the mess the best she could, while Eleanor dissolved the bodies of the other two with acid outside.

Once the two awoke they were interrogated.

They claimed that they were member’s of the Thieves Guild, and that the letter had been sent to the wrong house due to the incompetent mailman. They had hoped that the letter who have remained unopened, otherwise they would have had to kill whoever had received the letter.

Autumn was disappointing that she wasn’t noticed for her skills as a thief.

Darrel, the younger of the two thieves, pointed out that if she was doing her job right, she wouldn’t have been noticed at all.

Arissa (an unfortunately named man with a bad attitude), asked what had happened to the two red-cloaks. Autumn told them that they didn’t have to worry about that anymore.

The two thieves were then given sedative-laced pie and tea, and were rendered unconscious.

Autumn and Eleanor then placed them into a wagon and took them to Hamilton, the Captain of the Guard.

Hamilton thanked them for catching the two thieves, and apologized for any damage done to Autumn’s house, but explained that he was unable to give them any rewards for their efforts in catching them, as they were currently in a bit of an economic crisis, and were also busy with what occurred the day before in the town square.

Autumn only requested that she not see the two thieves again, and she and Eleanor went on their way, splitting what they had taken from the black-cloaks and the red-cloaks, including 4 signet rings (2 similar from the red-cloaks, and 2 similar from the black-cloaks) with symbols inscribed on them.

First Play Session

Sachka – Hielel 11 – 1204 AGD

Building of the Campaign / General Guidelines
The first post and planning stage.

This campaign is currently in the planning stage and will be continued to be worked on. Characters are still being polished by the players, and we hope to have a session soon.

My plan is to have a fairly difficult campaign to start – thus why every character starts out with a certain amount of Reputation that they were able to build magic items with before they started. They were also given a free magic item by me that was generated by rolling 3 d 20.

Magic items that are built before starting the game will be created by the players. Against the general rules of Fantasy Craft, I will allow more and one Essence and more than one Charm to be combined into one item. This is just a personal preference.

They were also given an above average amount of feats to begin with.

Every character starts at level two, with the ability to choose whether they wanted to begin multi classing. In the future, if a character wishes to gain another class, they must first meet and ask a character/npc in the world with the class that they wish to multiclass, and that character must agree to teach them before they are able to gain that class.

If a character is looking to gain a certain class, but do not know anyone with that class, they can actively search for them. They may spend reputation/silver in order to get clues or hints to where a certain person may be.


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